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About Finsens


Finsens has been advising professionals, entrepreneurs and expats for over 20 years on the realisation of their personal, financial goals.

Finsens offers a wide range of financial services and expert knowledge in the fields of asset management, financial planning, pensions and capital structures.

Finsens is specialised in individual financial planning from cradle to grave and builds long-term relationships with its clients.


Finsens has been advising on all processes of a mortgage. The advisory process is to determine what mortgage best suits your needs and future plans. Our job is to provide you with information on mortgages offered by various banks and the conditions imposed. In the application process Finsens is the central point of communication, with short lines and ease of access. We will collect all the necessary documents and make sure the mortgage will be approved. Since mortgages require maintenance, Finsens will be of help in the process after the you have obtained your mortgage as well. For more information, see www.finsens.nl


Since its establishment in 1993, Finsens has developed itself as prominent investment consultancy firm that has gradually expanded its network and has taken on more investment consultancy projects. To develop a strong investment strategy, it is essential to diversify risk across asset classes, sectors and regions. This way, we try to minimize risk and maintain a balanced portfolio. Here, at Finsens, we deliberately compose a portfolio with investment funds and exchange traded funds (ETF) to obtain a mix of actively and passively managed funds. For every fund we make a trade-off between active and passive management, based on the risk, realized and expected returns. We can also include alternative investments in your portfolio to let you enjoy diversification benefits. If you prefer a more stable return pattern, we can also help you combine a selection of traditional securities (shares, bonds, real estate, currencies) with alternative investment products, such as mortgage bonds.

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