The right of 1st mortgage provides a major security for the Foundation in question. The party that enjoys the right of 1st mortgage is paid first in the event of a sale, before any other creditors. This security does relate directly to the value of the property, and as such, we would like to point out to you the following risks:
Risk of residual value: as a result of changing economic conditions, a economic downturn and/or an excess of similar properties, prices may drop over time. For each proposition, the property is appraised using an appraisal report, and the maximum financing sum is then determined based on the value stated in the appraisal report.
Spreading risk: by investing in a foundation, the assets of several private individuals can be combined. This allows the investors to invest in multiple properties, at various locations, to various lenders and featuring various tenants. Due to this increased spreading, the risks are lower.

Rental risk: rental risk occurs in the case of vacancy and/or a terminated contract if no new tenant is willing to accept terms equivalent to those under which the previous tenant rented.

Information risk: this refers to the fact that the information that has been provided may not be correct, and/or may be incomplete. Of course the Foundation always exercises all due care in investigating the information provided.
The abovementioned risks all relate to the interest and redemption obligation of the Foundation in question to the bondholders.
The bonds may be transferred from one bondholder to the next, but cannot be sold on a regulated market. You are also able to sell your bonds to third parties via private deed. The Foundation will be able to advise you regarding these matters. In such instances, we advise that you maintain the term of the bond as your investment horizon.


Finsens receives several mortgage applications that would not be accepted by banks each year. If Finsens feels that the security offered on them is sufficient, we then contact investors to ask them if they would be willing to finance these applications. We then also communicate the loan’s terms and conditions (including your returns rate). If you wish to receive such propositions, we would be happy to receive your request to join our mailing list.



The issuing of bonds by the Foundation is not covered by the surveillance of the Netherlands Authority of the Financial Markets (AFM), because a specific exemption is used (namely the fact that the total sum of the bond loan never exceeds EUR 2,500,000).


Fiscal matters

If you are participating as a private individual, the value of the mortgage bond is included in the calculation of your income tax in box 3.

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